The year comes to an end ... and it's all about what was the biggest and best of the year. So what was the most pirated movie of 2011? I was shocked. *Note I do not steal movies (though when I was a kid I changed movie theaters to see Scream) nor do I think you should.*

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    I am Number Four

    7,670,000 Illegal downloads

    A movie about aliens? A movie about mutants? Maybe a sequel to that Chris Evans movie that he did with Dakota Fanning that I forgot the name of? I have no clue because I didn't want to see it in the movie theatre either.

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    The Source Code

    7,910,000 Illegal downloads

    I don't even remember hearing about this movie ... it looks like 12 Monkeys (minus Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis). I loved that movie what a mind bender that was. Maybe I'll Redbox this one thanks interweb pirates for the heads up!

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    8,330,000 Illegal downloads

    Comic book hero, Natalie Portman, not a bad story. Yeah I can see why internet pirates would make this movie in the top 5 of stolen movies.

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    The Hangover 2

    8,840,000 Illegal downloads

    The wolf pack came back ... everybody loved this movie, not everybody paid to see it though! YAR!!!!!

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    Fast Five

    9,260,000 Illegal downloads

    I know what you are thinking ... b/c I thought the same thing. Fast Five? Really? On a year that there was a new Pirates of the Caribbean internet pirates made a movie about cars the most stolen movie of the year? I blame the combination of Vin Diesel and the Rock