David Letterman announced earlier this week that he will be retiring from "The Late Show" in 2015. I thought it fitting to put my two cents in as to who should replace him.

Before we get started on who I think I should replace David Letterman, let me tell you why I am an expert. I once interviewed to intern for "The Late Show" in 2010. I had an opportunity to spend a semester in the Big Apple and landed an in-person interview. After three hours and seven people asking me questions, I didn't get the job. I also have never watched the show...

So clearly I'm an expert. #Sarcasm

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    Craig Ferguson

    I've heard great things about Craig Ferguson. I know people who would travel great lengths to see him in person. He's got a great Scottish accent that I believe captivates people. Ferguson is also hilarious. The only thing I would change is the framing on his opening monologue. The camera is situated above Ferguson looking down on him. I know this is the best angle for selfies, but it's very odd for television.

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    Seth Meyers

    Who doesn't love Seth Meyers? He's adorable, sweet, and his quiet, matter-of-fact sense of humor is incredibly endearing. It would be a natural progression for Meyers who is now hosting another show made popular by Letterman, "Late Night." Do we see him making a transisiton so quickly after taking over "Late Night"? Probably not, but never say never.

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    Michelle Beadle

    Many people have tossed around some females who could fill the famous chair. I went back and forth with plenty of names before settling on Michelle Beadle. Beadle has worked for plenty of television networks, but has gained fame for hosting SportsNation on ESPN. She is the only woman, let alone person, who could counter her co-host Colin Cowherd. She's funny, engaging, and doesn't let anyone walk all over her. She's like Chelsea Handler, only appropriate and professional.

    Side note: I worked at the same radio station Beadle worked at, ESPN New York. She had just left for network, but everyone missed her. Therefore, I was nicknamed "Beadle." I guess you could say she's my doppelganger.

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    Conan O' Brien

    I have to admit, I was skeptical of Conan O'Brien until I met him. Now, I understand his humor. I used to think he was trying too hard or was taking crazy pills, but that's just him. And quite frankly, he's very funny. I guess that's why he is on TBS, a network that boasts the slogan "Very funny." The big question here is does CBS have enough confidence in Conan replacing the man he tried replaced on NBC's "Late Night."


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    Tina Fey

    Tina Fey has got to be the funniest woman on the planet. She's incredibly talented, a great writer and her comedic delivery is something the world of late night craves. Letterman made "The Late Show" a legacy and having a female take his place may be a major shakeup, but honestly I believe it will be a breath of fresh air. Fey appeals to both men and women. She's also not your typical over-the-top, have-to-be-funny-every-line, comedienne. Ask yourself why not Tina Fey? I doubt you'll find a reason.

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