Traffic sucks. There's no two ways about it. Sometimes you have just too many people on the roads. Sometimes it's just too many tourists hitting up the casinos. This list runs down the worst entrance / exit ramps on I-20 of Shreveport Bossier City. No shocker that the majority of the list is near the Red River.

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    I-49 North & I-20 East

    This intersection really isn't that bad outside of normal rush hour. It sucks when you're coming off of I-49 and you want to get on I-20 to cross to Bossier, because that means you have to merge right at least twice with in a quarter of a mile while people are trying to merge left to get off to go to Downtown.
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    Spring St (Hwy 1) @ I-20 East

    A complicated merge going on here ... you have to yield to people coming from downtown. The only problem with that is the barrier is weird and you can't always see over it if you drive a car that sits low. Then you have the people who "ain't from these here parts" who don't know that once you're on I-20 you have about 2 miles or so to merge before that lane ends. So they stop right on top of the red river waiting for a good chance to merge left. I want to slap those people. TRAFFIC SLAP OF GREAT JUSTICE!!!
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    Airline @ I-20 West

    As if Airline traffic isn't bad enough as it is your glimpse of freedom of the open road of I-20. Assuming you're not stopped by a train on what must still be the busiest street in Bossier City, you get on the entrance ramp. Where you have all of maybe 200 feet to get up to speed and merge. I've been ridiculously close to so many accidents there, I try to avoid this intersection at all costs.
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    Traffic Street @ I-20 West

    I can sum this entrance ramp up easy. Two merges ... zero entrance ramp for one ... plenty of tourists. This ramp SUCKS by all accounts it should be number one but the only people impacted are the poor souls trying to go from 0-60 in 1 second to merge. So you're leaving any of the 3 casinos on this exit (soon to be 4) ... maybe you're leaving the boardwalk. Regardless you want to head to Shreveport or all points beyond. Get up the fun 35 mph entrance ramp thing. Where BOOM! Road is gone get over at 50 (80) mph or die. Oh, got over once? Good job! Guess what you're going into downtown Shreveport! Merge again!! You have less than 100 feet to do so, oh and the majority of those cars going 80 beside you ... want to go down town. You're now leaving Bossier welcome to downtown Shreveport.
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    Line Ave / Common @ I-20 E

    And the worst intersection of the SBC goes to this little prime piece of real estate. I don't know what it is about this intersection. But the traffic jam that happens every. single. day. on I-20 east bound around 5 o'clock is this roads fault. It's not overly tricky to merge. I don't think there is an excessive amount of tourists that go down Line Ave to get on I-20. All I know for sure is ... everyday I drive home from Shreveport to Bossier at 5pm and everyday there is traffic on I-20 that magically clears out just as soon as I'm past this intersection. Where there are usually 3-4 cars at a stop trying to merge into I-20 traffic. Once I'm past the entrance ramp floor it we're up at the *gasp* speed limit.