Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central's "Tosh.0", has issued an apology via Twitter for telling a joke about rape during his stand-up act.In an account of the incident at Hollywood's Laugh Factory, allegedly written by a friend of an offended audience member, Tosh made "some very generalizing, declarative statements about rape jokes always being funny, how can a rape joke not be funny, rape is hilarious, etc."

The audience member then yelled out, "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!", after which Tosh asked the crowd, "Wouldn't it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her?", causing the attendee to make a quick exit.

Tosh later tweeted an apology, saying, "all the out of context misquotes aside, i'd like to sincerely apologize," adding, "the point i was making before i was heckled is there are awful things in the world but you can still make jokes about them."

He then deflected to the subject of his own show, joking, "on a lighter note tonight's new episode of tosh.0 will be featuring clowns."