Saturday I got a special treat! Destiny Day Spa offered me a Breath Easy package and I took them up on it! I had an amazing massage and facial and followed it up with a blow out with Bre to get ready for the Krewe of Artemis Grand Bal that night. (God Bless you Destiny Day Spa!!! You have no idea how much you are appreciated) As we were having fun cutting up and just hanging, Bre mentioned she was a member of the Twin City Knockers! They're the local Roller Derby team. I'd heard of them in the past, but wasn't entirely familiar. The more I talked to Bre, the more excited I got. What a cool group of women! We're talking women of all ages, professions and backgrounds... From stylists, to chiropractors, to lawyers! I love anything that empowers women, so I offered to have them in and do some interviews, etc... to promote their bouts. It's not just about roller derby, it's about fitness and it's about girl power! I love it! Make sure to note their schedule! I def plan to be at their bouts this year! Go Knockers!!!