My friend Rick Rose recently opened the coolest new business on Line Avenue in Shreveport. It's called Twine on Line... It features, you guessed it, tea and wine and it's located at 1513 Line Avenue, within easy walking distance of many of the medical arts buildings. When I called Rick up and asked him to help him out with the K945/Virginia College Little Black Dress Party presented by Bailey's Jewelers, he didn't hesitate. Boom! Just like that, he had 300 certificates printed to put in the goodie bags for the first 300 women in the door this Saturday night. That's just the kind of guy he is. We both love that LBD is all about Autism Awareness and that partial proceeds from the event are going to the 81st Street School. We've got big hearts like that. So (of course) I had to go pick up said certificates and took the chance while I was there to sample some of the pastry items offered (and made on site, I might add) PURE HEAVEN!!! This by the way, is just one more reason to come play this Saturday at LBD!!! And yes, please patronize my friend Rick's new business! It's absolutely delightful!