Twitter has been an interesting place to say the least if you've been following the Drake / Meek Mill feud.

It all started when Drake cut a verse on Meek's 'R.I.C.O.' but didn't promote Meek's new album. Apparently Meek wasn't pleased and went on a Twitter rant accusing Drake of not writing his own lyrics.

Drake clearly wasn't entertained by these tweets, so he never bothered tweeting anything about the subject. He did however, quickly at that, post a Meek Mill diss track to soundcloud with soft jabs at his Philly foe. Warning, NSFW language.



Meek responded by tweeting the track was "baby lotion soft" but added he could tell he wrote it.

After waiting days for some type of musical response from Meek, Drake posted another diss track called "Back to Back". This one pulled no punches, and he went absolutely off. Once again, NSFW language.


As if the lyrics weren't harsh enough, The Toronto-born rapper chose to use a picture of Joe Carter as the cover art. Carter played for the Toronto Blue Jays and hit the walk-off homer in the 1993 World Series to beat... Yep, you guessed it... The Philadelphia Phillies.

Meek has yet to respond in any way (as of 12:15 PM on Wednesday).