Jim Carrey has done the pompadour. He's done short, gelled and preppy. He went shaggy for Eternal Sunshine. He's done the long-hair-and-bushy-beard thing. He's even buzzed it all off.

Um, Jim...you missed a spot this time. Right there, down the center of your scalp.

The 49-year-old grandfather was just glimpsed sporting a mohawk while out to dinner in West Hollywood—and it's not for a role, as far as his rep knows.

Well, it was pretty warm out for a few days, so maybe Carrey wanted some fresh air? Or perhaps he's just gotten really into '80s punk-rock nostalgia...

Either way, we wonder what came first, the haircut or this tweet on April 4: "Okay! I'm ready for the end of the world. Let's do this. ?;^)"

Because we are indeed getting a Mad Max, Road Warrior apocalyptic vibe from Carrey's head.

From eonline.com.