Something special is brewing this morning, and no it is not all the fog from Camp Crystal Lake! It is the excitement surrounded by Friday the 13th. Today I expect people roaming around poking fun at superstitions and being silly, but Voodoux Tattoux has the best idea yet. They are offering Friday the 13th inspired tattoos.

They have three different categories for you to choose from. Each category has a set price and BTW never forget to tip your artist!

The $20 Category

The $30 Category

The $60 Category

I have been debating all morning if I am going to get one, and if I do which one do I get. Okay, okay. I have made up my mind. I am totally going to get one.... and it might be the pizza.

Voodoux Tattoux is also having a costume contest where the winner will when a $100 gift card to get a tattoo. There are also raffles and multiple prizes to win.