When it comes to Shreveport, we've got quite a few haunted locations. Maybe that's something that gives Shreveport a little extra flavor, the fact that we've got a little bit of everything... Even ghosts.

Being as Halloween is almost here, we want to try and find the scariest location in Shreveport.

In fact, you're gonna vote on it, then a member of the Morning Madhouse and myself will go to whichever location wins the vote!

When I began my journey to find the scariest spot in the SBC, I went where all true researchers go.... Facebook.

Here's how that went.



Using a few great suggestions via Facebook, and a few minutes of google, I've compiled a list of what I believe are the scariest places in town. Let's dive in!

We'll begin with a local favorite, George Washington Carver High, better known as "The Ellerbe Road School". This place has been home to urban legends since I was born and the stories range from students being abducted to janitors being murdered cold-blooded. Fortunately, those are just stories as there's no proof anything like that ever happened while the school was open. Now, since it's been closed, that's a different story. The site is down-right worn down and has been used for Satanic rituals as well as constant visits from thrill seekers.

Next, we have the Taylortown Bell Tower. I've heard many scary stories in regards to this monument, but have never seen it with my own eyes. In the early 1900's, a church stood on the grounds with this notorious bell tower at it's side. Unfortunately, the church was destroyed by a massive fire. When the flames died down, the only thing left standing was the Taylortown Bell Tower. I don't know if this tower is haunted, but I will say it would certainly make sense for it to be.

Our list continues with the frightening Forbing Railroad Crossing. Ever since I was younger, I would hear stories about this place. Honestly, if Forbing wins, it may be the only place i would genuinely be scared to visit. Despite the folktales told about this location, no train wreck or murder or even death has ever happened at the Forbing Crossing. That, of course, has not stopped locals from telling stories about a ghostly railroad worker roaming the tracks at night, waving a glowing lantern.

Up next, we have the Oakland Cemetery. This place is scary right off the bat because of the fact that it's a cemetery, but the more info you know, you more frightening it becomes. This cemetery has been haunted for over a century by two restless spirits in particular. Shreveporters have been telling frightening stories about both Nathan Goldkind and Cora Lee Wilson. Both graves can still be found there to this day, and Cora's is an above-ground grave, which makes this even scarier.

I couldn't possibly make this list without including the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. This location has been standing tall since 1929, playing host to KWKH's Louisiana Hayride, and countless concerts since. What people may not know, is the Municipal once served as the city's morgue. It's no surprise that many national and regional ghost-hunters have not only explored the Municipal, but often times, found exactly what they were looking for.

The Logan Mansion is also considered one of Shreveport's most haunted locations. Through its 118-year history, the Logan Mansion has served as a boarding house, a church, and probably most frightening, a radio station. Legend says 11-year-old Theodora Hunt leaped to her death from a front window in 1904. Since then many say they have sighted Hunt’s ghost in the house.

This one's for the Yellowjackets. C.E. Byrd High School has served the educational needs of Shreveport youth for over eighty years. Eighty years of dreams, laughter, love, and of course, tragedy. It's no wonder that it should be the site of ghosts. I've heard many ghosts stories involving the land of the Yellowjacket, especially stories involving the school's basement.

Finally, our list concludes with the Davis House. Odd occurrences have been seen/heard in this house for years. The Gills currently own the home, they allowed The Louisiana Paranormal Society to conduct an investigation of the house. The spirit of Mary Montgomery Davis made her presence known during the investigation. The arm of a Victorian night gown hanging on the side of an armoire raised up to almost touch one of the investigators. When asked if living in a haunted house was unnerving, Mrs. Gill said no, and that she couldn't imagine living in the house without the ghosts.

Well, I've given you a lot of info about these scary spots, now get to voting, and next week, K945 will actually GO to the winning location!