This wild story comes to us today from Raliegh, NC. Meet 27 year old, Shaina Brown.

She's a single mother of three children. She also has two jobs. One of those jobs happens to be a waitress at Waffle House.

Before we get any deeper, you should know Waffle House's stance on tips. Of course waiters and waitresses are given tips, and can accept them. However, if a tip is noticeably large, waffle house will refund the tip into the cardholders account. They do so out of fear that said customer would challenge the charge down the road.

OK, now back the Shaina. On Mother's Day of all days, she was working the graveyard shift. Around 3:00 AM, a guy came in and sat at one her tables. At the end of his meal, he had such an enjoyable experience with Shaina, that he informed her that he would be blessing her that night. He also told her she had a "good spirit" then got into a cab and drove off into the night. Before this anonymous man left, he tipped Shaina, big time!

She received a $1,500 tip. The man told her to give $500 of it to a costumer sitting at another table, who was clearly having a rough night.

So a nice $1,000 tip to Shaina, she was ecstatic. Who wouldn't be?? Working hard in the wee hours of the morning on Mother's Day of all days, when all of a sudden a guy blesses you with a grand! I'd be doing cartwheels.

Her excitement was short lived. When she cashed out at Waffle House after her long night, the company informed her that they would be returning the customers money, then informed her of their tip policy.

Shaina was very upset, as you could imagine, saying she felt like they stole from her!

There is a good ending, I promise! Soon, the Charlotte Observer caught wind of the story, and published an article about the entire situation. The anonymous customer read the article, found the waitress, and wrote her a personal check for $1,000.

What an awesome, anonymous dude.