What do teens think about Justin Bieber? We found out the answer by asking Trent and Caroline, two local 8th graders who dropped by the K945 studios as job shadowers, to watch and react to the pop star's latest music video, "Confident."

The results? Hilarious.

The teens had no problem sharing their honest opinions on Bieber, his recent run-ins with the law and the just-released video. Do they like it? Spoilers: not really! Just a few things they criticized in the video: twerking, the "stalker" vibe of the video and Bieber's lack of "game."

Caroline went so far as to say that the young girl in the video who kisses the singer made "the biggest mistake of her life." Trent was just displeased with the video existing in the first place. "It shouldn't have been a video," he said.

And Chance the Rapper didn't walk away unscathed either. Skip to 1:45 for that bit of comedy gold.

Trent and Caroline said they would receive extra credit for coming into the studio, taking some pictures and seeing what makes a radio station tick. We hope their teacher sees this funny video and gives them both an A+ for the year!

Check it out.