A listing for Mountain Dew-flavored fudge on popular arts and crafts merchant website Etsy has our eyebrows raised and taste buds curious.

According to the fudge facilitators at Nom Nom Nom Fudge who make the stuff (and plenty more interesting varieties), its Mountain Dew fudge is:

Made with white chocolate and flavorings" and then "tinted with a combo of yellow and green candy coloring to give it this unique vibrant hue. This is the really real deal fudge handmade from yummy fresh ingredients. Never any corn syrup or marshmallow! Never ever icky margarine as is found in substandard cheap "fudge" like products!

One pound of the unique Mountain Dew fudge goes for $18.

Robert and Erin tried the Mountain Dew fudge on air. Erin's reaction was...interesting. But she did like it. "It's too sweet, but it's good," she said. The flavor wasn't far removed from salt water taffy, minus the tooth-sticking chewiness.

Check out the video below, then let us know if you'd give it a try.