Last night, the second episode of MTV's new show, Caged, aired. To those who don't know, Caged is filmed right here in our area. It features MMA fighters, their friends, family and loved ones, their trials and tribulations, their training, their day to day to lives and the tole it takes on their personal relationships. Even if you're not into MMA, you're going to dig Caged. The cast is full of people you know from our area. In fact, as my husband and I were watching last night, he was like, "There's Delanie, I used to work with him at PPT!" If you've eaten at Texas Road House, you have seen Red, Wes' girlfriend and Jax's momma. If you've been to any of the Ring Rulers fights, heck, you've seen the entire cast! Either way, I got the chance to talk to Wes a few days ago and I really meant to play the interview yesterday but we had corporate in town and I was running in and out of the studio and didn't get the chance, so be looking to hear from Wes this afternoon on the show. Either way, as the local MTV radio affiliate and having our new night guy so tied into Ring Rulers, expect to see lots of MMA action on K945 in the future. We are hometown proud and whatever we can do to help, you just let us know!