Saw a pretty interesting story this morning about the relationship between the kind of car a man drives to the kind of woman he attracts. The results were not TOO terribly surprising to me.

Love the fact they threw LMFAO in the news clip

Researchers at Rice University, The University of Texas San Antonio and The University of Minnesota found that women may be attracted to a man with a flashy car, but only for a short-term relationship, not marriage.

The study was called "Peacocks, Porches And Thorstein Veblen: Conspicuous Consumption As a Sexual Ssignaling System.

Researchers say some men use flashy cars the way a male peacock uses its brightly colored tail feathers to attract a mate.

This doesn't surprise me ... but in the Shreveport Bossier Area (much like Dallas) the true way to impress a woman with a vehicle is a really tall truck. Normally I drive a gas sipping Nissan Versa, but a few weeks back I borrowed my dad's HUGE truck. I was surprised at the number of women checking me out and talking to me only because I was in a truck.