Usually every week I like to highlight a strange or unique app that would benefit anyone and everyone, but this week I wanted to show off our K945 Mobile App. Plus, this week I didn't something new. I take you through a step by step walk through for the app from download to listening live.

Our mobile app is the best way to take us literally everywhere you go.

In the video below, you can see that when you search for the app it is the only option available. (Sorry Android users I have an iPhone, but it is basically the same set up for the Android phones.) Click on that and then download.

Once you are in the app, you can see the most recent stories on our website along with multiple of elements in the app that are useful and fun to use.

Some really awesome elements include:

  • Listen Live
  • Being able to send us a photo or video
  • Instant weather update
  • Follow all the trending stories in the area
  • Set your preferences for alerts

Check out the video below to go through a visual guide through the app.