Mardi Gras isn't just for people. It's for pooches, too. Just ask Lucky Spot Lucky Spot Kochenderfer, who's built up quite a reputation for himself in the local scene as a real party animal.

You've probably seen Lucky Spot hanging out at Shreveport-Bossier Mardi Gras parades, hanging with girls at local bars and partying at one of the big Grand Bals thrown by the local Krewes. He's a regular dog-about-town.

Photo: Facebook

So, what exactly is Lucky Spot Lucky Spot Kochenderfer all about? We asked his owner, who prefers to remain anonymous and have the spotlight shone on the cute dalmatian.

"Lucky is a lot like the spirit of Mardi Gras," the owner explained. "He's all about a little adventure, a lot of imagination and having fun with old friends while making lots of new ones. Lucky's made a lot of people smile, a lot more than we ever foresaw when we started our little practical joke. I can't think of a better mission for him than spreading a little random cheer!"

We even had Lucky Spot come into the studio to hang out. Of course, we had to kindly remind him that dogs can't be on the radio!

Photo: Facebook