Since Chris Sarandon is coming to Geek'd Con 2018, I decided to do some research. To be honest if there is an excuse for me to watch movies for "research" I am always down. I love movies, and I knew Chris Sarandon was in some of my favorite movies like Princess Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas. However I completely forgot that he was the vampire in Fright Night!

When people argue over which vampire movie is the best they completely glance over Fright Night. It was so good. They accomplished something that vampire movies don't cover anymore- the fact that vampires are terrifying blood thirsty monsters. You have movies like Interview with a Vampire and the Lost Boys that get it. Vampires are meant to be evil demons that prey on their unsuspecting victims in the night. Nowadays vampires are almost like sex symbols. They are gorgeous, which if you stick to the lore and the history of vampires they are supposed to be alluring and charismatic. But they don't show how evil and monstrous these creatures are. I believe that Fright Night hits all the right areas of what a vampire is.

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