My mom has always been there for me. She was a single mother for the majority of my childhood and I have no idea how she did. Out of all of the amazing things my mom has done for me and my brother, the one thing that meant the most to me was that she was always there.

My mom is no longer sewing my dance costumes or cheering me on in the stands during Football game performances, but she is now my best friend.

I was terrified when I graduated from high school. I was nervous that I was making all the wrong choices about what I should major in in college, or if I was going to the right school. My mother made sure that I was set. She supported me through out each decision, and reminded me that it is okay to fail and try again.

When I danced in college, high school, or as a kid, she never missed a game or a spring show. She is my #1 fan. What I hope she knows is that I am her biggest admirer. She is my role model. Out of all of the things that I do with my life I just hope that I will be like her.

My mother is the toughest person I have ever met. She has conquered raising my brother, the good kid, and me, the hell child, with little to no grey hairs. She has dealt with spine surgeries and come out of the operation room smiling. She has punched breast cancer in the face without fear. She has gone above and beyond to support and love others. 

I am lucky to have her has my mother and even more lucky to have her as a my best friend.