I know at least one person who won't be getting backstage passes to a One Direction show any time soon...

Actor William H. Macy paid a visit to "Live With Kelly and Michael" Thursday, and the subject turned to the boy band, since his young daughter is a fan, and he was less than complimentary after seeing them perform live.

"I've been in showbiz all my life," said Macy. "So, let me just say, those guys can sing. They're very talented. They couldn't put on a good show with a gun to their head."


The actor went on to rip the band's (lack of) choreography, and claims to have seen One Direction's Harry Styles eating a sandwich mid-show.

"I mean call me old-fashioned, but when I'm downstage singing my heart out, you better not eat a sandwich behind me," said Macy.

See the entire interview here.