For years everyone has been asking when siblings Derek and Julianne Hough were going to do a show together. Well that time has finally arrived and they're coming to Bossier City.

We've seen the moves of Derek and Julianne Hough on the show Dancing with the Stars, now this dynamic, dancing duo is hitting the road. They're starring in their own show, MOVE, touring all across North America.

MOVE is an all-new dance production complete with stage production, sets, costumes and a full cast of talented dancers, all led by the Houghs. You'll see salsa, hip-hop and everything in between.The show is coming to the Horseshoe Casino on June 7th and we've got your tickets! The best part is you'll win them before they even go on sale.

Listen all this week for your chance to win a pair! Jess will play a song in which the lyrics have been "moved" around. Be the first to call in, identify the song and you'll win! So be listening and ready to dial 320-94FM (9436).