For the past week, folks have been showing us their bad tattoos for a chance to win an Ink Life Tour VIP package which included $300 worth of free tattoo work. Well, after looking (and laughing) very hard at these braves soul's terrible tattoos, we have a winner!


If you zoom in close on this tat, you can see how truly horrible it is. Crooked lines, no symmetry what so's just flat out awful. So, Virginia, congratulations! You just scored yourself one pair of weekend passes ($80 value) , $300 worth of tattoo work from national award winning artist Mike Marcell and an Ink Life official tour T shirt! BTW, we want to know the rest of this story.


Annndd tacky as a prostitute at Sunday morning service after werkin & twerkin all night, runny mascara, smudged hot pink lipstick & ripped fishnet pantyhose.

Seriously one of my biggest regrets. Kids: this is why you shouldn't make lasting decisions while on drugs! I made this mistake one night shortly after graduating high school. I broke up with my boyfriend (teenage drama is so ridiculous) and had him drop me off at a house with my friends. I walked in & there were two new faces & lots of art & packaged tat equipment that they probably stole from an actual artist, by the looks of this handicapped butterfly. I immaturely exclaimed, "I WANT A TATTOO!!" Picked something that (at the time--before my taste -and mind- was developed enough to know what the hell I was choosing) I thought looked "cool"... Yeah, okay, V!! It took him almost 5 hours to do this to me. The only thing that would keep me from totally losing it was smoking.... Non tobacco products & repeatedly listening to Dolphins Cry, by LIVE. Don't ask why... Just seemed to soothe me at the time. It's really a great song. It was so painful. I've had kids since then & after giving birth to two boys 120% all natural---NO DRUGS WHAT-SO-EVER, & breast feeding them both, one of which for almost 2 years, I can tell you for sure that this tattoo was unreasonably painful. And I've endured cracked & bleeding nipples, mmkay?!?!

I was crying, shaking, bleeding & he finally stopped when I began throwing up. And I won't even tell the details of what he was doing WHILE tattooing.... UNLESS YOU PICK ME ;) Anyway!! Being young & reckless is just a part of some of our journeys & this is one choice that could potentially be fixed. I used to think that it couldn't be, due to the scarring & heavy dark colors.. But I've become a fan of Tattoo Nightmares & Ink Master & it's opened my mind to a side of this art that I truly truly respect. I would LOVE to get it covered with something that actually holds meaning & value. TRUE ART. By a true artist.


With that being said...some of the others couldn't were so bad we couldn't let them go empty handed. So we are hooking them up with free weekend passes! Hey we can't pay for your work, but hopefully with the cash your saving you can get these jokers covered up.


Good intentions gone bad. I wanted a reminder to keep peace in my heart and instead I have a constant reminder of this. There's nothing as bad as being asked "what is it?"



This tattoo was spur of the moment because the shop was recommended by a friend. The original design was a heart with the word "Bad" attached. I only have the word "Bad" because the heart was too girly. This is the result of it over the years and everyone asks me what it is. I have to spread it apart and tell them what it is for them to see it. I hate I got it now and would like a cover up. I have a tattoos but this one is the worst.



My boyfriend at the time, his best friend wanted to start tattooing...he showed me a whole bunch of drawings and even practiced on some kind of fake skin, looked good. I volunteered to be the first one he could was suppose to be half a sleeve, cheetah print...he had such a heavy hand I couldn't take it anymore, so we stopped after 2 hours. About a week after, my ex and him had a falling out and we'll here I am thee years later scared up with a horrible tattoo....