Kudos to this woman for playing it cool, even after realizing someone actually heard the embarrassing things she sang.

This has to be an early leader for funniest video of 2018 thus far. The viral tweet shows a woman realizing she's alone on a subway train. What she does next would have been hilarious, even without the surprise ending. She is literally walking all along the train, singing at the top of her lungs. Her song of choice is extra-funny since she's complete;ly ad-libbing the entire thing.

Since she thinks she's totally alone on the train, she really lets it all out. The words to her song are funny, even funnier when sung at such a high volume.

Then, the hilariousness gets turned up a notch when she realizes that there's actually one more person on board. He looks like a young kid who was blending in quite well, probably wondering what kind of train he just got on.

She plays it like a champ though, even singing him a personal line to cap off her majestic tune.

You have to see this!