You know I've done some crazy stuff for radio before ... gotten INSANELY drunk on air, offered to go on a blind date with a crazy person. One thing I've never done is intentionally cause myself pain.

This guy out radios me.

Here’s how Ed Currie knew he was getting somewhere with his potentially record-breaking hot pepper:

“The first time we tried it, out of the six of us…four puked. So I knew I was on the right path, you know,” Currie says.

Currie tests different combinations of food, water, and mineral intake to see which one creates the hottest pepper. And he thinks he’s found it. Right now he calls the pepper HP22B. Guinness World Records officials are looking at the pepper to see if it is indeed the world’s hottest.

How do you top this? Eat 100 pizzas in one sitting? Film me getting bitten by a rattle snake? Hang glide off the top off a skyscraper in downtown and try to land in Pierre Bossier Mall's parking lot? (the last one actually sounds pretty cool)

Shout out to Chris Cobb!