I can't believe how many calls I've gotten regarding Cody's appearance tomorrow with K945 at Rountree Ford from 3-6pm. People ask, 'Why Rountree?' Well, why not? We were already going to be there and Cody wanted to come in so why not put them together. It's like peanut butter and jelly... or maybe peanut butter and chocolate, but either way, I promise you Cody Simpson is amazing! Plus, Rountree Ford has way more room than we do at the K945 studios and we don't have an easy venue for teens during the week... We should probably work on that!


Either way, here are the details!

Australian heart throb Cody Simpson will make a special appearance during our broadcast at Rountree Ford Wednesday, June 29th from 3-6pm courtesy of Atlantic Records. He'll perform, sign autographs, pose for pics and more! We shouldn't neglect the fact that night stud Jay will be there as well;) The event is free and open to the public. See you there!

BTW, don't you love the pic up top of Cody with members of the Teen Board at Sutton's? He made a visit to K945 last Fall and we took him all incognito to see the kids... Have we mentioned that he's fabulous before? Just wanted to you to know how glorious he really is! What a treat for the kids who were stuck in the hospital instead of out playing with their friends!