I don't think the average human can make it through 20 seconds of this video without a full blown cringe attack.

Every now and then, news anchors step outside of the standard comfort zone and experiment in an effort to shows the kids how hip they are(n't).

This video is a cringe-inducing 10 minutes of professional broadcasters attempting to rap.

Memo to all news anchors.... JUST READ THE NEWS! Believe me, no one watching is in the mood to watch you make a fool out of yourselves, they simply want to know if it's going to be 98 degrees today or 101 degrees.

They really only care if anything insane has happened at the dog park this week, or if any homeless person has produced a bowel movement on the front yard of the Caddo Courthouse.

If you're in the mood to cringe harder than imaginable, sit through all ten minutes of this.