Millennials have taken a beating in the news and on social media for so many things.  They get the blame for "killing," industries every day because of their peculiar habits.  This Business Insider story places responsibility for everything from the decline in casual dining sales to slumping napkin sales.  However, a new report from USA Today claims Millennials are leaving other generations in their dust when it comes to squirreling away money in savings.

None of the Millennials I have talked to fall into this category, but according to thorough (one would assume) research nearly 16% of folks aged 23 and 37 have better budgetary discipline than the previous 2 generations (Gen X and Baby Boomers).  This is despite the fact that most likely don't access to saving tools and programs like 401K.

The stats all point to increased concerns about financial stability from a generation that has been blamed for the exact opposite time and time again by social media and news organizations alike.