It's official. LSU has a new football coach. To paraphrase former President Gerald Ford, "Fellow Louisianans, our long statewide nightmare is over." Welcome to Louisiana, Brian Kelly!

So, everybody's happy, right?

After all, what's not to like about Brian Kelly? He's on everybody's Top 10 College Football Coaches list. He's leaving Notre Dame, one of the nation's most high profile football programs, so he's used to the pressure. He's been a big winner everywhere he's coached, including at South Bend, where he has 54 Ws in the past five years. And - and maybe best of all - he's an old school, hard line, no nonsense, disciplinarian type, exactly like that Saban guy that Tiger nation still longs for.

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Then why are so many of the LSU faithful unhappy with his hiring? Well, to put it kindly, Tigers fans can, on occasion, be a tad demanding, irrational and smug. And unkindly? Y'all not very smart.

That said, here are The Top 10 Really Dumb Comments by LSU Fans about a guy who, according to reports, is going to be paid almost $10 million a year.

1) "He should rent. He'll be gone in two years."

2) "He won't be playing Air Force every week. He can't spell crawfish. He's over his head."

3) "Brian Kelly. Because there was nobody else."

4) "Terrible choice! May as well bring back the COVID cancellations."

5) "He's never won at one top program. Why do we think he can win here?"

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getty images

6) "Why didn't we get Jon Gruden?"

7) "Great! Now we can beat Air Force and The Citadel."

8) "Recruiting at Notre Dame is a thousand times easier than it is at LSU."

9) "Six wins at LSU is better than ten wins at Notre Dame any day."

10) "Why do we want a guy who wasn't smart enough to turn it down like Jimbo Fisher or Dave Aranda?"

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