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OK, it's time to check the car consoles, nightstands, old jackets, and anywhere you might have stashed a lottery ticket.  Maybe you picked it up while you were driving around Louisiana on a business trip?  The point is, there are 2 Powerball lottery tickets set to expire in March and each is worth a cool $50,000.

According to the official Louisiana Lottery Unclaimed Prizes page, a $50K Powerball ticket sold at Nelson Point in Lake Charles, Louisiana for the September 8th drawing last year will expire on March 7th.  Another ticket sold at Circle K #2707678 in Slidell, Louisiana for the October 10th, 2022 drawing that also hit for 50 grand is set to expire on March 31st.

When I say expire, I mean that if you finally found the winning ticket just 1 hour after the close of business on the expiration date - you don't get a dime.  The money you would've spent (wisely, I'm sure) goes to the lottery's general prize fund that eventually gets redistributed through scratch-off games.

Currently, just over $1.5 million is waiting to be claimed by Louisiana Lottery winners that have either forgotten about buying a ticket, decided the cash isn't worth the taxes they would have to pay for it, and those who don't want to split it with their significant other.  You can check to see if you are a long-lost winner here.

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