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Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) down the trails and backwoods of the Louisiana wilderness is a blast!  It's honestly one of the best ways to see our state in all of its natural glory.  Unfortunately, not everyone who jumps on the back of one of these motorized beasts has the common sense to do so safely.  I'm not talking about an honest-to-goodness accident, I'm talking about idiots piloting a potentially deadly motor-vehicle without much care for anyone's safety.

That seems to be the case coming out of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  According to a report from WAFB, a pair of 18-year-olds have been charged with a laundry list of crimes for their alleged reckless behavior on an ATV.

Emergency and urgency, dialing 911 on smartphone screen.

Deputies with the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office were responding to reports of ATV riders driving dangerously on public roads (that's paved, not dirt).  Allegedly, deputies arrived on scene and attempted to stop 2 riders when one purposefully rammed an officer attempting to stop them.  The unnamed deputy sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment where he is listed in stable condition.


The impact was reportedly so severe that it reportedly ejected 18-year-old New Orleans resident Reginald Fredrick Hamilton from his ATV.  The suspect also sustained injuries and was transported to an area health care facility.   According to a report from the Observer, he will be booked into the Plaquemines Parish Jail and charged with 1st degree murder of a police officer, aggravated flight from a police officer, reckless operation of an off-road vehicle and vehicle not equipped for roadways once he is released from medical care.  One ATV driver was able to flee the scene of the crime.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff
Plaquemines Parish Sheriff

Now, WWLTV reports that the 2nd rider has now turned himself in to authorities.  18-year-old Kody Blanchard of Marrero, Louisiana has been placed under arrest on charges of reckless operation of an off-road vehicle, flight from an officer, aggravated obstruction of a highway, no safety helmet, and more.

Memorial Weekend Arrests in Bossier Parish (5/27/22 - 5/30/22)

The Memorial Day weekend sure was a blast! Unfortunately, some folks blew way past the "fun" line directly into "breaking-the-law" territory. That's when the dedicated men and women with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office step in. Here are the folks that got arrested over the long, 3-day weekend.

Caddo Correctional Center Bookings Memorial Day Weekend 2022

The following mugshots are those that were booked in to CCC through the dates of 5/27/22-5/30/22. Some of these inmates have been released. Many of those pictured have not yet been to trial for their alleged crimes and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Bossier Parish Bookings for 5-21-2022 through 5-23-2022

The good guys in Bossier Parish have rounded up another group of alleged law-breakers! Remember, The following mugshots are those who were booked by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office through the dates of 5/21/22-5/23/22.

Some of these inmates have already been released, and several have yet to go to trial for their alleged crimes, and are considered innocent until proven guilty

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