When you think about the summer Olympic games the first thing that comes to mind are track and field, swimming, beach volleyball, but who would have thought about getting a gold medal in break-dancing?

According to NBC News, the organizers of the 2024 summer games in Paris made 4 suggestions to be added to their current roster:  break-dancing, surfing, climbing, and skateboarding.


Three of the four has already been confirmed for the 2020 Tokyo games, but break-dancing would be a first.

Paris 2024 organizers talked about the potential of break-dancing in the Olympics,

Sports that can be shared on social media, sports that are a means of getting around, forms of expression, lifestyles in their own right, sports that are practiced every day, in the street and elsewhere.

The Head of the organization committee also spoke on the matter saying his intention is to make the Games "more Urban" and "more artistic."

The International Olympic Committee will give a final decision by December 2020.