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A little over 2 years ago, the good lord above blessed our little family with a beautiful little baby girl.  It has been a wonderful (albeit, wild) couple of years, and I have learned a lot.  Chiefly among the very important lessons I have gleaned from being a girl-dad is this:  I have a lot more to learn.  I realized this as I nervously spattered sparkly purple nail polish onto a very excited little girl's fingernails (and hand, and the table underneath the hand).

Obviously, raising a girl is very different from raising a boy.  I wouldn't say easier, but I wouldn't necessarily say harder either.  I was better equipped with the boy (now 12 years old) because I could draw on my own memories and experiences to help guide the process.  Thank god for my wife, who was able to do the same when it comes to our little Isabelle - but I can't expect her to do it alone.

Just like my wife had to learn to not be grossed out by frogs in pockets and baiting a hook with a worm, there are a few things I had to learn (and am still working on, honestly) to be a proper dad to our very girly little princess.

While I am sure you will find your own way, here are a few essentials for every father of a little girl must know:

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