I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around this. Tommy John a very comfortable and very expensive underwear company claims that half of us are pretty nasty.

According to a new study, 45% of the people surveyed admit they will wear a pair of underwear 2 days in a row. What's worse, 13% of people surveyed admitted they have worn the same pair of underwear for a week or longer.

Ladies, be happy knowing that men were 2 times likely to be the double day underwear

Pink panties

wearing culprits. Keep in mind we are all supposed to throw away our underwear after a year of heavy use to prevent the buildup of bacteria like E. Coli. The good news is that at least 16% of people said their oldest pair of underwear is less than a year old.

Be honest, do you ever wear underwear longer than a day? We are in the south, how do you get away with it?

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