Most people know Kendall Schmidt from the band Big Time Rush from the series Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. The show ran from 2009 - 2013 and gained a huge following. Since then, Kendall has put together a new project, called Heffron Drive. We are so excited to have Heffron Drive visit K945 this afternoon. FYI... we'll be live streaming the event.

We've heard stories of hyperventilating and fainting girls during his other stops. Make sure you watch to see if anything like that happens here at our studios this afternoon. With that being said, Kendall has a passionate fan basis, but do you know our five fun facts about Kendall Schmidt. Sound off below in our comments section.

1. Kendall has two brothers, Kevin and Kenneth.

2. Kendall has played several small TV roles on shows like ER, Without a Trace, Gilmore Girls and Frasier.

3. Heffron Drive is a duo consisting of Kendall and Big Time Rush's current guitarist, Dustin Belt.

4. Kendall's grandmother writes to him once a week and says, 'Take off, but stay on the ground.' He says it reminds him where he comes from.

5. Kendall was originally turned down for the part in Big Time Rush, but was called back thanks to the request of fellow band member Logan Henderson.

Bonus: His families pets include a dog named Sissy, a pig named Yuma, a tortoise named Oscar, and a python named Valentino.

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