Today is a big day in my household. Today the dog that everyone told my 19-year-old self I didn't need turns 10. Growing up we were never allowed to have pets. My mother would gross out at the thought of people having dogs in their homes. I swore that when I got my very own place I would get my very own dog. So after I scored my first townhouse I was on a hunt for my dog child.

Christmas of 2010 was the most epic Christmas ever. I received a bundle of joy as a gift from my sister Marie and brother in law Fernando. The bundle of joy was a whole 2 pounds of unmatched energy in the body of a Shorkie. From the moment that I saw that sweet puppy, I knew she was going to be my best friend.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

My nephew Oliver really steered the conversation when it came to naming Olive. I wasn't completely convinced, but on our way to pick up Olive we saw several streets named Olive so we took it as a sign that her name was meant to be.

Little did I know that this petite dog would see me through some of the toughest seasons of my life and be my unsung hero during the Pandemic lockdown. Olive made the 1,700-mile trek with me when I moved from California to Texas, she's always down for a road trip. When I struggled through heartbreaks she barked until I got out of bed and forced me to go outside and enjoy the breeze. There is beauty in everything, especially if it's outside and you can sniff it, at least that's life according to Olive. 10 years ago my sunshine came into the world and I think everyone needs a pal like Olive.


5 Reasons You Need a Dog Like Olive

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