I have fallen in love. It's a new feeling, almost like a glimmer of hope in these dark times. My obsession is Joe Exotic. Yes, the famous "Tiger King" is my new coping mechanism to deal with the Shelter in Place order. I hope you have a Netflix account so you too can go on this crazy roller coaster ride with half me. Check out the trailer below.

If the trailer didn't catch your eye here are my 5 reasons you NEED to watch "Tiger King":

1. Forget about Rona: You get online and all you see are posts about the Coronavirus. You need to give your mental health a rest. Just saying.
2. Justice needs to be served: Our system is corrupt. Not that you didn't realize that. If we don't make our voices heard how will we get justice for Carole's late husband? (When you watch the show you will understand.)
3. It's everything you love rolled into one: In short, it's like 20 %Trailer park drama, 20% Animal Planet, 30% True Crime 20% Making a Murderer and 10% Murderous Affairs.
4. The memes are going to get even better. Don't you want to know what everyone is laughing about? There are two things that everyone is talking about online, The Rona and Tiger King.
5. Joe Exotic's music videos are pure gold. Don't believe me? See below!

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