Hello and welcome to our second snowstorm of 2021 in the South. It's no secret that 2021 handed 2020 their beer and said "Watch this". We are 46 days into the new year and we are already cussing under our breath as we scrape off the snow from our vehicles to get to work for the second time. So many in our area have been told not to worry about coming to work and to enjoy a snow day.

First off, I'd like to publicly announce how jealous I am, I too want to ride a unicorn down a hill with a beer in hand.

Second, I would like to give you all the advice on things you can do today to enjoy the most out of your day full of snow. Of course, these are things that I tell myself that I would do if I could enjoy a fun day of staying in. Keep in mind these are ideas for adults who never make the most out of snow days because we are way too busy being stressed about work and deadlines. Today is a day to truly take the day for your own personal enjoyment.

5 Ideas for a Perfect Adult Snow Day


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