Being a military spouse is a huge honor, even if it comes with some #MilitaryProblems.

When you marry a member of the military, your life changes. You have to be prepared to wear many hats, remember things never taught in school and take on any role that comes your way. Your spouse could be gone at any moment and sometimes you don't know for how long. I couldn't imagine having kids thrown into this mix. Not only do you have to be strong for you and your spouse, but if you have kids, suddenly you have to be strong for them as well.

But before you think it's all gloom and doom, being a military spouse is also a ton of fun.

You have experiences and opportunities that civilians just don't have. Of course, the fun comes with sacrifice, but any good military spouse knows to focus on the good and never face the bad on your own.

Here are seven signs that you may be a military spouse.

7. You Can Never Remember Your Zip Code

In the military, especially active duty, you move... a lot. For many, that could mean a different zip code every single year. It's almost impossible to establish some sort of consistency with something like a gas card that require a zip code authorization. Was my Chevron card 71129 or was it the Shell card?

6. Your Laundry Is Super Complicated

First off, your hamper is loaded with giant onesies because your husband or wife pretty much wears their pajamas to work every day. Before washing a flight suit, you must remove all patches and pens. Then you search through 17 different pockets, compartments, trap doors and safe rooms before feeling just confident enough to do it all over again before dumping it in the wash. Now, to dry it... Shoot. Is this the new flight suit that can be dried or is it the old suit that must be hung dry? After about 11 minutes of comparing shades of green you decide to hang them all. Oh, and goodie, you get to do it again in three days because your husband wears the same thing every single day.

5. You Get Awkward When Someone Thanks You for Your Service

I know I'll get a lot of heat for this one from some spouses, but I believe that my husband is the one who is serving this country, not me. There are those who believe that spouses serve too. Yes, we make sacrifices for our military husbands and wives, but I play radio all day while he is in training... So yes, things get awkward when someone gets a glimpse of my dependent card and thanks me for my service. However, I've learned to just smile and say thank you.

4. You Confuse Others With Your Acronyms

There is a special language in the military. It's pretty much all acronyms and abbreviations that don't make sense. You hear these constantly and quickly they become the only way you can properly communicate with your spouse. It's great, until you slip it into conversation over brunch with the girls and no one understands it. You could PCS or TDY... This weekend is UTA... He completed FTU... She is in MQT... Did you get all that?

3. You Know More About Your Spouse Than You Do Yourself

In a military home, your life is centered around the one in uniform. Not just because they are putting their lives on the line each and every day, but also because you need them for everything. If you want to get on base, you need a dependent card that is contingent on their set of orders. Need a flu shot? Hope you know your "sponsor's social" before you make that appointment.

2. You Identify People By Shoulders and Arms

When you meet people in uniform, you shake their hand and look them in the eye... Like a normal person. However, quickly after that you scan their shoulders and arms. You're looking for rank, wing, squadron, etc. If you've paid attention to the lessons your husband has drilled into your brain at home, you really only need to see the color to know pertinent information about the other person. For those who read deeper? They'll look at the chest patch.

1. Your Fellow Spouses are Your Life

Seriously, is there anyone else who could understand your life better? There's a strong bond among men and women who sacrifice time with the love of their life in order for them to pursue their dreams.