I wasn't even going to put "A Florida Man" in the title because when it comes to a man attacking another man with a katana sword while fighting over a trash pile, you already know where it happened...

Myarklamiss.com reports two men in South Florida got into a fight over a trash pile in front of a vacant house. That's right. They fought over trash. Oh, and then one of the guys attacked the other with a katana sword.

One man was jogging when he noticed the bulk trash pile in front of a vacant home. Moments later, the jogger noticed another man picking through the trash pile and taking a cart. Feeling he had the right to the cart because he had found it first, the jogger began arguing with the other guy.

That's when things went zero to Florida in about 10 seconds.

"The two exchanged words and the jogger took a cart home, but the other man followed him and began swinging a long sword at the jogger while trying to take the cart.

The man with the sword left but threatened to return.

Moments later, a woman came and took the cart away while she hurled insults at the jogger."

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