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The world of collectibles has been going crazy over the last few years. But it has gone up a notch in the last 8-16 months. Culminating in a new record for the most expensive comic book ever sold.

A copy of Action Comics #1, the debut of Superman, sold last week for an incredible $3.25 million.

The grading company CGC posted about the exciting sale to highlight that they graded the book. Comic Book grading is the act of evaluating the condition of a book, from the spine to cover, pages to staples. The grading scale is a 1-10 scale, with decimal grades included. You can find books with grades like 1.8, 3.5, 9.9, and anything in between.

CGC talked about the sale on their site:

"The seller of this incredible book purchased it for just over $2 million in June 2018, demonstrating the strength of the market for CGC-certified collectibles and the most desirable comic rarities. Another example of Action Comics #1, graded CGC 9.0, is the previous record holder for most expensive comic book. It sold for $3.2 million on eBay in 2014."

The Action Comics #1 is just the latest example of a book selling for millions. Earlier this year a copy of Batman #1, graded at a 9.4 (the highest grade of the book in the total population of the book) sold for $2.22 million. That Batman sale is the most expensive sale of a comic book outside of Action Comics #1 in history.

Both of these sales have already taken place in 2021, and its only April. It wouldn't be shocking to see one of these two books, the first appearance of Superman or Batman, to sell for another record before the end of the year.

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