Remember When the East Bank Was Flooded With Comedy Lovers for LoCo Fest?

Don’t Take This Serious Comedy announced a local comedy competition at the East Bank Theater. LoCo Fest was on a mission to find the "Local Comedy Champion". Over 30 comedians tried out and only 10 made it to the final stage. All 10 had about 5 minutes to make the crowd laugh and hopefully earn the vote from the public.

It was a unique experience in the East Bank, it was an open container situation where you could grab a beer from across the street and walk over and enjoy your beer and laugh at the same time. Flying Heart even created a specialty beer available for one day only, they called it the LoCo Dank Beer.

It was a night packed with laughs and full of fun. It was a unique evening and was a great change of pace for the community.

More Comedy is on the Way for the East Bank in Bossier.

Don't Take This Serious is still riding the buzz from LoCo Fest and this time they are bringing some out-of-town killers and some strong local talent. Saturday, June 15th will be a fun night for comedy lovers.

Tyler Arceneaux is the headliner and he has over a decade under his belt and has worked with big name acts such as Mark Normand, Jeff Dye, Robert Kelly, Joe DeRosa, Luis J. Gomez, Sean Patton, and Sam Talent. John Merrifield, who has opened up for names like Tom Segura, Myq Kaplan, and David Liebe from Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show is also on this ticket. A local talent is opening the show, you may recognize the name Alonzo Ortega.

Tickets for this show are $10 pre-sale or $15 at the door, you can get your tickets by clicking here. 

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