A Rod goes APE!!! Lindsay looks FIERCE in court and Jennifer Aniston takes credit for a reformed Perez Hilton... Find this and more in today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. Alex Rodriguez reportedly went ballistic after FOX cameras caught Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn during the Super Bowl. A source says A-Rod thinks the camera man was just waiting for the perfect moment to catch them in a paparazzi-type shot and that he pitched such a fit as soon as the cameras cut back to the game that he was given a guarantee that he would not be shown on the telecast again.

4. Jennifer Aniston told Ellen Degeneres that she takes credit for Perez Hilton's change-of-heart when it comes to being a bully on his website. She said she ran into him in a parking lot and simply asked him, "Why are you so mean?" and that led to a conversation where they each recognized each other as human beings... whatever that means. But what DID they talk about? Perez kept his mouth shut about the whole thing, but once Jennifer said something, he decided it was time to talk, too. He told "Life & Style" magazine that he flat-out asked Jennifer if she hates Angelina Jolie, and she said, "Look, that was so long ago, and we've moved on and we're all adults." Jennifer did admit that she still talks to Brad from time to time and that everything's fine. And she said people who assume she's lonely have it all wrong. Perez said, "She told me that she dates... a lot. She just makes sure not to go anywhere public."

3. It's been almost 5 months since Christina Aguilera split with her husband Jordan Bratman, but the dude wouldn't leave! He stayed in their Beverly Hills mansion while she paraded her new boyfriend around right under his nose. Well, Jordan has finally packed up his things and moved out, and he did it on Super Bowl Sunday. While Christina was flubbing the National Anthem in front of the world, he was moving to his new place in Venice. The divorce is also closer to being finalized. Jordan has filed his own papers declaring he has no intention to dispute the divorce. They've signed an agreement on their property, assests and debts, and they came to an agreement about custody of their son Max privately.

2. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz filed for divorce from her husband Pete Wentz yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences." Just two days before, they were the picture of love, strolling along the street with their son Bronx... Ashlee holding Pete's hand and nestling her head on his shoulder. There wasn't an inkling of any trouble, and then BOOM! Despite a source close to them telling "People" magazine that everything is amicable, other say that is FAR from the truth. Pete begged Ashlee not to go through with this, but she simply wants out of this marriage. Oh, plus spousal and child support, too. Duh.

1. Lindsay Lohan showed up for court yesterday looking FIERCE. She purposely chose a white Kimberly Ovitz design because white represents purity and innocence. But there was nothing pure and innocent about that body-hugging mini dress, and she looked awesome!! And Lindsay says to prove she's innocent of stealing that $2500 necklace, she was willing to take a lie detector test. But prosecutors turned her down because they say polygraphs aren't scientifically sound. So Lindsay's been charged with felony grand theft. Her bond was set at $40K, which she quickly posted. She is now free until a hearing on February 23. A source says she's going to try to strike a deal with prosecutors that would have her pleading guilty as long as she doesn't have to do any jail time.