Patrick Star, is that you??

A clip showing a starfish walking has gone absolutely viral. It's gone viral for good reason to, as I watch videos all day every day and have never seen anything like this!

Honestly, I had no idea a starfish could even move. I thought those cute little things sat motionless on the ocean floor waiting for some type of food to crawl into it's mouth hole. You know, like most completely boring, but beautiful sea creatures.

Today, October 5th, I have been proven wrong. Certain starfish can literally walk. The video shows the sea creature attempting to make it's way beak to water. Apparently, it washed up on the beach following a storm, and I can imagine a live starfish on a beach would have to be quit scary for the sea-dweller.

The starfish was filmed slowly making it's way back to the ocean, even though it was probably going like 90 mph in starfish time.

You have to see this!


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