She used to be the big, bad dance instructor, but now Abby Lee Miller is the not-so-big, still-bad dance instructor.

We've all watched, seen a commercial, taken in a few minutes of Dance Moms on TLC. We've all witnessed, in some form or another, the wrath that is Abby Lee Miller. And, unfortunately, we've also all written her off as a mean, envious, self-righteous, living-vicariously-through-her-students teacher. However, after seeing her take control her weight, I beg to differ.

I was watching Who Wore it Better? on E! last night and there was a woman giving her critique on some of the outfits. I figured it was just some guest random guest they had on, until she opened her mouth. You can't mistake Miller's voice. This one was soft and kind, but still Miller-esque. I paused it, and sure enough, it was Abby. Lee. Miller.

She has to have lost like 70 pounds or something! She looks amazing!!!

In the picture above, the left shows Miller in 2012. The photo on the right is from 2014. From what I saw last night, she has lost even more weight. Maybe it makes her nicer too... ;)