An Alabama fan has died from his injuries sustained in a bar fight following the LSU game.

This just a terrible, brutal story. After the big game last Saturday night, Alabama fan Robert Bowers, 46, went to the Ponchatoula Pub. It was there that he would ultimately lose his life.

While at the bar, Bowers got into an argument with two men. 27-year-old Azia Crockett and 24-year-old Ryan Anthony. Local police say earlier in the night, one of Bowers' relatives was kicked out of the bar for a similar incident with Crockett.

During the argument, according to police, Anthony sucker-punched Bowers onto the floor, then Crockett jumped on top and punched him several more times.

A first responded was able to stabilize Bowers at the scene by giving him CPR and getting his pulse back. Bowers was eventually transferred to University in New Orleans where he eventually died from his injuries.

Both Crockett and Anthony have been charged with manslaughter.