Is it weird that I honestly can't tell what I'm looking at?

The world, and the universe around it, is one strange place. Imagine you're here in Shreveport, walking around downtown Shreveport. To paint the picture further, let's say you're walking through the lovely Red River District and there on the ground, you see small, alien looking things looking back at you.

Honestly,what would you do?

I imagine in our world the first thing many of us would do is pull out our phones to record these tiny little aliens.

In no way, do this things look of this Earth.

One person stumbled upon this things and started filming, thank goodness.

They are actually baby newborn barn owls and they were found at a construction site in India. They're filmed standing on two legs with monstrous eyes. They're wings aren't developed yet so they look like they have actual arms.

This has to be the creepiest, non-creepy thing I've ever seen.



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