Single. The word used to irritate me. Beyonce made us all fall in love with "Single Ladies" and we all forgot she had a man to go home to. I remember thinking "How is it possible to feel so alone in a room full of people?". I hated waiting tables on Valentine's Day, maybe it was just my reminder of the fact that I was still very much single and couldn't seem to make any worthwhile guy stick around. I'd see so many happy couples sit to enjoy a romantic dinner in my section, I would get home from work and see all my friends boast about what their "rock" or "better half" got them. Was I really that bitter? Yikes. I sound hateful don't I? I can't remember how it happened but one day I just accepted the fact that I was single and probably would be for awhile so I kept an open mind when my friend Phung decided we would do our own thing.

Krystal Montez

I remember getting flowers a few days before Valentine's Day and it caught me off guard, the most simple sweet gesture had me smiling from ear to ear. We went to dinner and saw a funny movie that Valentine's Day weekend. Somehow her switching the focus of the holiday of expensive presents and love to celebrate friendship reminded me why she was, and continues to be one of my best friends. This Valentine's Day I won't be buying my boyfriend the overpriced watch or the cologne he special orders (Sorry babe.) I will continue to celebrate love and friends and family. I'll ask a single friend out to movie or dinner. I'll send flowers to a friend who is always putting people first. I have promised myself, single or taken, I'll keep the Phung mentality going. This is what makes me look forward to Valentine's Day. So to my single friends out there, make plans with your fellow single friends. I promise it makes "the day of love" enjoyable. Now if only we could find a way to automatically block the annoying "OMG look at what my baby bought me!" posts.