Alvin Kamara is a lot of things, but if you had to choose only one of them, the answer would be 'himself.'

In a recent episode of GUARD DOWN from Gillette, the Saints prolific running back opened up about his individuality and how not everyone was down with his "look" when teams were thinking about drafting him.

When an unnamed team official asked Kamara to take his nose ring out before meeting with a GM during the draft process, he stood his ground, saying:

No … You don’t like it, then you don’t need to draft me

I mean, did they think Kamara would just stop wearing his nose ring once he entered the league? Does it matter what a player wears or looks like as long as they are producing on the field and staying out of trouble off of it?

He went on to praise how the Saints celebrated his individuality and spoke on what makes him comfortable working in New Orleans.

I don't know about you, but being reminded how cool this guy is just makes me want football season to get here even quicker so we can see him do his thing on the field.

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