For the past couple of years, I have noticed that our country has clearly been divided.  There are a lot of things to argue about now, but one issue seems to instantly polarize like no other - Android hate.  I get it, you like your phone - there's no need to prove it to me.  Just to make it clear, I like iPhones (and Apple products in general).  When it was time to upgrade my phone a few years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was one of the options.  It was shock, scratch, and water resistant - 3 features that seemed very attractive in the (highly likely) scenario that my toddler throws my phone in the toilet so I got it.  I noticed that as soon as I whipped out my new device, haters started coming out of the woodwork.  No, my phone is not for "old" people.  Yes, I get the internet on it.

I used to have an iPhone, and I get why they are awesome.  In truth, they are fantastic phones - but so are some of the higher-end phones that run the Android-based operating systems.  The Samsung Galaxy s-series phones are especially good, and have tech specs to match (and sometimes exceed) the best iPhones - and by all accounts the devices are both equally good at their jobs.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of cult-like mindset among the hardcore Apple users.  I don't think that iPhoners are bad people, I think that the culture brainwashes Apple users into possibly thinking that they are better than the Android-plebs.

It's time for me to upgrade once again, and I am once again looking at a Galaxy - but I don't want to lose friends over it.  If you are a iPhone fan, try to ease your disdain for the  other phones.  A person's choice in phones shouldn't give you a reason to look down your nose at them.  Unless they own a blackberry - those people are the worst.

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