To beard or not to beard, that is the question.  Is a man more attractive with a homegrown chin blanket?  The New York Times recently attempted to find the answer to that itchy question, and the results may surprise you.

If you take what websites like Mashable and Vice have to say seriously, then you may think that beards are out.  Don't go throwing out your Man Made Soaps Beard Oil just yet, because it seems the face rug may not be down for the count.  A recent survey conducted by researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia showed that while women are much more likely to be attracted to a man with stubble than a man with a full Galifinakian hair farm on the front of his head.

Thousands of women were surveyed, and the common consensus is this:  Women find men with stubble sexy and the most desirable for a one night stand.  They found men with the full on face warmer more aggressive and desirable for a long-term relationship.  They also stated that the perception of men with short hair on their face is that they are more agreeable and friendly - but more likely to be an unfaithful, long-term partner.  Conversely, the same group said that while men with beards seemed more macho and pushy (an initial turn off), they also seemed to take commitment much more seriously and were perceived to be better providers and defenders.

What do you think?  Are beards or no-beards sexier?

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